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If your looking for a place to board your dog the next time your out of town considered Lake Pleasant Kennels. We offer boarding in our 378 square foot, climate controlled kennel. Your dog will have his/her own 4x5 indoor kennel with a dog door that leads to a 5x10 outdoor kennel run. If you prefer your dog not to have an outdoor run we also have 4x5 indoor only kennels. All dogs are walked on leash 3-4 times per day. 

Our current rate is $25 per night per dog. If you have 2 dogs that can share a kennel we offer $15 per night for the second dog. 

What to bring:  Dog food (we recommend bringing a little extra in the event that plans change)

                          Your dogs favorite toy

                          Your dogs favorite blanket or bed (if applicable)


We will take care of the rest. 

Lake Pleasant Kennels requires boarded dogs be current on all vaccinations, free of all parasites, free from all communicable diseases and owners must sign a boarding agreement upon first stay.  You can find a copy of our boarding agreement to view and print by clicking the tab below.  

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